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At Dead Bird we believe we have created some of the best premium American made duck calls the industry has ever seen. But don't just take our word for it - see what our customers have to say about our calls.

"This duck call is truly an all-around call. It's got a great high-end volume with just the right amount of raspiness for the prairie. Yet, when you are in the timber or trying to finish ducks close in the low back pressure allows you to quietly coax them. The ergonomics of the call itself and the profile design just fit. You can pick it up and it's just plain comfortable, like a call that's been on your landyard for years. I know it's going to have a permanent place on mine."


Kyle W. Hauck, Owner/Outfitter of High Prairie Outfitters Saskatchewan

"Love everything about the Dead Bird Double Reed Duck Call. It blows smooth and requires just a small amount of air to blow but it will get up there and high ball with the best of them too when you put a bunch of air through it. I was able to produce every range and sound effortlessly- from the greeting call to the raspy old hen call I love to finish ducks with. The cajun squeal even sounds great with this call. In the past I have carried multiple calls into the field to achieve these results. Dead Bird will definitely be my go to call from now on!"

Robert Busteed - Hendersonville, TN

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