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Our trophy room showcases the Dead Bird team and our family of customers putting our duck calls to the test out in the field. Here at Dead Bird, just as much as we love hunting we love even more to see our family of customers proudly living the simplistic classy lifestyle duck hunting has to offer with a Dead Bird call in their hands. This is why we do it and this is what inspired it all. If you would like your hunt to be featured on our trophy room page, head over to our CONTACT page to submit a few pictures and tell us about your hunt! We would love to hear from you.

Paul Strength

Duck Hunting | Mallard | Green Head | Dead Bird | Duck Calls | Flooded Field
Duck Hunting | Duck Calling | Dead Bird | Premium | American Made | Duck Calls
Mallard Duck | Green head | Fooded Field

Paul Strength from Auburn, Alabama was out knocking some green heads down on a couple of hunts in Arkansas and South Dakota. Paul tells us it was a chilly day on his South Dakota hunt. With 25mph wind gusts, temps in 30s, and a good bit of rain, that didn't stop Paul and his crew from getting it done! Paul's Dead Bird call of choice is our Down N' Dirty acrylic double reed duck call in pearl blue. 

Jake Jackson

Green Heads | Yellow Labrador | Duck Hunting | ATV | Open Water
Mallard Ducks | Duck Hunting | Open Water | Camo | Premium | American Made | Dead Bird Duck Calls
Black Labrador | Duck Hunting | Mallards | Decoys | Lake

Jake Jackson and the boys from Birmingham, Alabama made it rain on their trip to Stuttgart, Arkansas hunting along the Cache River. Jake even named his black Labrador retriever Cache, after his favorite spot to hunt. After a few mornings of shooting limits, its safe to say that Cache retrieved her fair share of dead birds. Jake's Call of choice is our Down N' Dirty acrylic double reed duck call in matte black.

Blake Pharr

Duck Hunting | Camo | Mallards | Dea Bird | Premium | American made duk calls | Classy southern gentlemen
Mallard Ducks | Duck Hunting | Dead Bird
Duck Hunting | Duck Decoys | Sunrise | Dead Bird Duck Calls | Mallard Duck | Camo

Blake Pharr, chairman of the Auburn University Ducks Unlimited chapter and his crew headed over to Mississippi to do what they do best! Blake's passion for duck hunting has been running through his blood since he was a kid. Every since then, his pursuit of green has been relentless! Blake's Dead Bird call of choice is our single reed Meat Head model in pearl white. 

Rowan Villagommez

Rowan Villagomez, from Amarillo, TX wore out the mallards and teal on a sunny Saturday morning with his Down N' Dirty double reed duck call in matte black. Rowan is fairly new to waterfowl hunting and purchased his first ever duck call from Dead Bird! Looks like Rowan's new call is treating him well. Way to go bud, keep it up! 

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